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Therapeutic tales
Help to overcome child's fears, modify his behavior
Educational tales
Broaden child's horizons, tells about the most important rules of our everyday life
Fairy stories
Develop imagination, fantasy and emotional intelligence of a child
"A Little Raccoon of the Two Kingdoms" for children, whose parents are divorced or do not live together.
The author, Alexandra Ivanchikova, is a teacher-psychologist, playwright:

"Going through a parent's divorce - is equal to an experience of loss of a beloved person. Alas, these feelings are unavoidable. Both for parents and for the child. But you can make it easier and help the child to adapt himself for a new frightening format of everyday life - life "after the parents' divorce." Now, the most important thing is not to transfer your disappointment to a child, not to give him a thought, that some kind of a catastrophe has happened. And also not to transfer the whole fault on the other parent. It's important to talk more about love! That is why the fairy tale "A Little Raccoon of the Two Kingdoms" is, first of all, a story about Love! "

Tilda Publishing
We have created coloring books with our fairy heroes for our little users and their parents!

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MySkazka is a free time for you, and a lot of fun
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Using our service, you can find:
- 20 educational fairy tales, which can be changed for your situation and preferences. New fairy tales every month.
- Selection of pictures for every fairy tale.
- Voiceover and musical accompaniment.
- The authentic plot of each fairy tale, written by a child psychologist.
- Caring support.

Week-by-week recreationEvery week - new tasks to perform and have fun with your child
For all our subscribers we give unique coloring books based on our fairy tales.
Good emotions and smilesThe emotions of your child, hearing his name in a fairy tale, are incomparable!
20 audio-tales
With names of the child and his beloved friends, relatives and toys. In every fairy tale there are about 5-6 variables.
Free time for parents
We will entice your kid with educational fairy stories while you are occupied
MySkazka is:
Our authors are professional writers and psychologists

Authors who write for MySkazka

Olga Donets
Playwright, writer, psychologist.
Olga is a screenwriter (movies, TV series, music spots), writes plays for the theater.
The winner of the Grand Prix at the Children's Film Festival "Orlyonok" (for the film "Children"). Laureate of the "Golden Mask" award - the play "From the Life of Lights", based on her playscript of the same name (Drama Theater "Benefis", Yelets) - in the list of the best theatre performances 2013-2014 years.

One of the finalists of the Dmitry Gorchev Prize in Literary. Author of the collection of prose "Anthracite Sky" (publisher "Amphora"). Published in russian periodicals. Initiator and organizer of the "Erarta MOTION PICTURES" International festival for films about fine arts. Curator of the Short Plays Festival "Shorter.txt"

In 2016, she founded the School of Young Writers "Dolka", where she teaches children 5-10 years old to write stories by the rules of drama, using her own methodology. On the course children create their own unique books - written and illustrated by themselves. The books written by the kids are published in small editions.

Alexandra Ivanchikova
Playwright, screenwriter, psychologist.
Alexandra writes screenplays, theater performances, prose, poetry.
She has been published in literary periodicals, poetry and prose collections for many times. Alexandra is recommended to become a member of the Russian Union of Writers.

She has experience of working with children (Cadet's Corpus of Nizhny Novgorod, The Pioneer Palace in Moscow (centre of recreation and additional education for children)). Master's student of the Pedagogical Institute (Vladimir), Faculty of "Psychology and Pedagogy of Pre-school and Primary Education".

She has taken part in organization of large-scale events for children - as an organizer and a screenwriter (the largest scene in Russia (Moskow) for the City Day - the Palace of Pioneers (Vorobyovy gory); the Final of the Delphic Games, and etc.). Using 3d-mapping technologies, Alexandra wrote the scenario for a Children's Costume Show.

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